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Tom Boere

Otium’s team is under the management of Ruben de Vries (Restaurant Manager) and Tom Boere (Chef de Cuisine). Tom Boere qualifies his cooking style as “informally chique”. A style which is based on experience, passion, character and a preference for craftsmanship. Tom is passion-driven, and that leads to a continual search for refinement. His kitchen is characteristic for its fair products, natural craftsmanship, passion for the profession and a whiff of rock and roll.


As a 15 year old boy Tom Boere started his culinary career. He started off as a waiter, but not long after he attended  in renowned chefs’ kitchens, chefs with classical vision upon cooking. Among others he gained experience at De Kersentuin in Amsterdam, Chalet Royal in ’s-Hertogenbosch, La Truffe Noire, in Brussels and owned the restaurant InTenz.


“A product’s quality is more important than its exclusivity. My days at Otium start by purchasing fresh products. It is the start of a culinary search that is different every day. Inspired by the seasons, and what is on offer on a daily basis, every day with the full team I take on the challenge of creating exciting dishes and meals that are out of the ordinary. Sometimes we choose experimental flavour sensations and combinations, so as to stimulate the senses while we respect the product’s own qualities.”


Tom Boere, chef de cuisine